About us

SkillsProf is the ICT Education provider of training and certification programs for businesses and individuals. We build educational ICT Learning Platforms with unique learning opportunities to enable the development of ICT skills and improve ICT knowledge and capability.

For over 10 years we have given excellent service and support to various businesses resulting in long term partnerships. Our highly trained ICT Professionals have the skillsknowledge and experience to inspire and educate.

Technology is ever changing and advancing, which is why our company provides these unique opportunities to businesses and individuals to stay up-to-date for work or day-to-day purposes.




ICT Knowledge and Skills are becoming more demanding within businesses worldwide. Enabling the use of technology more effectively increases the work productivity and ensures that operational objectives are achieved more efficiently. Employees strive more to operate at their highest potential being able to apply ICT knowledge appropriately.  The SkillsProf ICT Learning Platform provides employers and employees the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to improveexpend and optimize their digital skills.

 SkillsProf Power On Digital Knowledge.

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Our work

Employees are a company's greatest asset – this is why it is necessary to stay up-to-date with the development of technology. Businesses are depending more and more on the use of hardware’s, software’s, various computer programs and applications. This is where ICT skills makes the difference between companies that are struggling and companies that know how to function at their top level.

In business, knowing the level of performance and where to improve is vital for being successful. To achieve the most gains, employers and their employees must make the most effective use out of the resources that they have.


SkillsProf– ICT Educatoris your partner in ICT Education – ICT Knowledge – ICT Skills – ICT Experience and ICT Growth.

How we do it…

We build educational learning platforms to improve – expend and optimize ICT knowledge. These platforms are accessible to businesses and individuals that receive training from our skilled professionals. We offer various training programs that utilize career development and promote company growth. Through our global partnerships, we make testing and exam opportunities possible for the obtainment of internationally validated and approved certifications.