Staff Management

Carlendy Pourier

Quality Assurance/Control, Courses Support

With enthusiasm I organize courses in the neighborhoods. With patience I tutor students who need some extra help. SkillsProf crossed my path when I took a course to improve my own digital skills. I enjoy my work because it allows me to help others to gain the skills that might change their lives too.

Consultancy & Specialists

Aaron Balentien

Senior Technology Consultant

Ashley Thomas

Technology Consultant/Trainer

Sunil Antonia

Technology Consultant/ Trainer

Johanna van 't Hoog

Information Specialist

Lead Graphical Desginer & Gamification

Rezfan Pawirotaroeno

Graphical Design, Gamification

As a well-rounded graphic designer, I like making sure that company flyers, logos, interfaces and graphics are user-friendly, affectional and artistically satisfying. My main goal is to not only try and make it a comfortable design, but also a functional design with a touch of delicate precision.

Ellis Juliana

Lead Game Developer

My career as game developer started when I was asked to create educational games for kids in preschool. That was about 15 years ago. Nowadays I develop all kind of games both for kids as for grownups. I love the creativity I can put daily in my work. And yes, after work I still enjoy to play a game myself.

External System Development

Ionut Rosca

Lead Developer

External Communication & Marketing

Gerjanne Voortman

Communication, Press & Marketing

Connecting people is my goal. Communication is the medium. Thereby bridging different cultures and languages is a welcome challenge. I support the SkillsProf team by capturing achievements, reaching out to media, and illuminating opportunities for society

Liseo ICT Squad

Liseo ICT squad is a team of four senior year, highly motivated, high scoring ICT students of Liseo Boneriano HAVO/ VWO who have been offered an opportunity to test and improve their ICT abilities by working for Skillsprof before they are off to study abroad to reach their full academic potential.

Jarno Ottens

System & Course Development, Programming

"Hey. This is me, Jarno. I like getting my hands dirty with some sweet computer code. It's like magic, but real. You will often find me setting up databases or hunting bugs. Javascript is my life. (nodejs!) I'm very grateful to be able to work alongside these people, and for the opportunity to develop my future in this industry. Cheers!"

Adriaan Arends

Graphical Design & Website Development

"Yo, Im Adriaan and I like building websites and making graphical designs. Most of the time im either building website for clients or giving people advice for a better design on their project. This opportunity was a great experience to learn more about the employee life and also it helped me enhance my digital computing skills"

Casey Valerio

Sound Engineer, Course Curriculum

"Sup? Im Casey and I like making music. Every day I practice to improve my skills. To achieve my dream. Of one day Becoming a professional music producer. This job is a great opportunity to test those skills. And a solid start to achieving my dream. I am gratefull for this opportunity."

Course Support

Lizetta Boekhoudt

Training assistant 60+ Digi-Citizen Program

Vurnyson Visers

Training assistant Digi-Citizen Program