Our Mission

SkillsProf enables people to improve, expand and optimize their skills and with a special focus on ICT Knowledge and Digital Skills. Whether for business or day-to-day life, regardless of age, gender and background. Skills largely define who we are and what we can achieve.
SkillsProf training will enable you to grow and prosper. We will train you intensively, focussing on main skills and knowledge required and through extensive exam training prepare you well so you pass your exams with confidence.


SkillsProf Development

our ict services

Skills Prof can assist you with your IT projects, system integration or migration. Using only certified professionals you are guaranteed to do a successful implementation or migration project. We have extensive project management experience in small,medium and large,complex automation projects. We have extensive experience in ICT Security Auditing & Certification, Incident Management, Enterprise Risk Management and Penetration Testing. Mature services for mature organizations.
Maybe you don't need an administrator for 40 hours a week. Or maybe you need multiple qualities or specialisms in an administrator, which are just not easy to be found or are above budge . It is uncommon to find a single person that holds all or most of the different ICT areas of expertise. Maybe you will find administrator that knows a bit of half. These administrators can be a danger to your business. There are so many specialisms such as hardware, software, micro-electronics, financial applications, desktop and server operating systems, spreadsheets, databases, programming, networking, security auditing, firewalling, routing, forensics, cabling, linux, webdesign, project management and so many more. We support over local 25 companies with keeping their systems running.
When you are worried about the security of your network and systems or confidential data, be it either from external threats or internal threats, Skills Prof can audit the current status of your security to identify possible risks or breaches your system is having. After the audit a report is created to make recommendations for your security configuration. We will test your overall security by performing an extensive penetration test, in which we basically find all means possible to hack your systems and get to your data. Skills Prof installs and configures several security solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, auditing, tracking and tracing systems and public key infrastructures to secure your system environment and protect the integrity of your data, preventing all sorts of external and internal attacks.
Skills Prof supports various local companies that have Business or ICT Certification requirements. We use proven frameworks as well as a custom developed certification methodology to make your infrastructure compliant with regulations and international standards. ICT Certification is a complex proces that normally takes places as part of a broader business certification. You will need specialists that can understand and translate the certification requirements into applicable hardware, software and processes. Skills Prof can assist you in going through the process of (ICT) certification and architect your ICT infrastructure to achieve high maturity levels. For this we continiously update our technology, methodology and knowledge. ICT Maturity is a never ending proces and there is a strong focus on ICT Security and Continuity. Please contact one of our consultants to discuss our ICT Certifcation Programs (for Sox, ISO, HIPAA, PCI).

Some of our customers

Flamingo Television Bonaire (FTV), Cargill Salt Bonaire, Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire, Stichting Amfo,  More For Less N.V,  Alubon N.V,  Fundashon Cas Bonairiano, Special Security Services, Selibon N.V., Bonaco Gas Station , QuickStop Shop, Sand Dollar Resort, Fundashon pa Kredito Bonairiano , Lisa Convenience Store, Le Rouge International,  J.C. Herrera N.V,  Korps Politie Bonaire,  MNO Vervat Bonaire, HydroPlan, Alltrade Inc Bonaire , Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BTP), Scholengemeenschap Bonaire(SGB),  Saint James Medical School, RK Scholen en RK Schoolbestuur, Bonaire Petroleum Corporation (BOPEC), Chirino Dental Clinic, Kamer van Koophandel (KVK), Hitess Bonaire, Bonairealestate, Curoil, Littman Jewelers.